Where do I begin?

Scripture: John 1

A natural tendency as human beings is to try and figure everything out immediately. If you’re reading this, it means recently you’ve made a decision to explore faith in God, or you are getting a fresh start in your spiritual journey, or you consider yourself to have been a Christian for some time now, but you’re looking to go deeper in your faith.

What in the world does that mean?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already thinking about everything this entails. Where is Jesus going and why do I need to follow Him? What does this faith in God have to do with me? How do I find out more? I want to grow in my faith, but I don’t know where to start. It seems like a lot…

Take heart! You are not alone. You will have questions. You will always have questions. I have questions and I’ve been a Christian for years. A part of being a follower of Christ and growing in your understanding and faith means that we’re trying to figure this thing out together. Being a Christian is a journey. It has a definite beginning, and it has an eternal end, but what happens in between is the adventure. My advice to you is don’t try and figure it all out today. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your Christian faith.

“So what do I do now?” Great question! Begin the journey. This devotional is written to help you along in your faith journey, specifically a faith in Jesus Christ. Use it. Read the Bible link every day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Process. Pray. Write down your thoughts, observations, insights, questions, and more. Most of all…ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

The beginning point for you is found in the reading today. John 1:1 says: “In the beginning the Word (Jesus) already existed. The Word was with God and the Word was God.” If you don’t get anything else on your first day of exploring your faith in Christ, get this. IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS! He came so that we might believe in Him, and “to all who believe Him and accept Him, He gives the right to become children of God.” That’s you.  That’s me. You and I are a children of God. We belong to Him. That is all you need to know today.

Not a bad way to start, eh?!

Regardless of how you feel today; regardless of how much you know or don’t know; regardless of ALL the sins you’ve committed; regardless of where Christ will take you from this point on…know this – God has a purpose and you’re a part of that purpose.

So…here we go…


1. In what areas of my spiritual life have I been tempted to “stop”? 2. On a scale of 1 – 10, where do you put your faith in God? 3. What questions do I have?


God, I’m beginning this process. I want to grow in my faith, knowledge, and understanding. I have to confess that this isn’t always easy for me. I pray that you will help me with this process and give me incredible insight, knowledge, and faith. Help me as I work through these next 21 days.

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