Day 2 – Wine and a Whip

Scripture: John

You belong to Jesus! That’s where we started yesterday. This is where the rubber meets the road. We’re going to start putting some meat to this faith journey.

Today as you read through John 2, you’re going to encounter two very different stories, yet they have much in common – passion in details.

First we encounter Jesus’ first miracle (and a pretty cool one I might add…), turning water into fine wine at a wedding. Shortly after this incredible miracle we see Jesus and his disciples at a nearby temple; a religious place for Jewish and cultural worship. Unlike the wedding party, this was Jesus fulfilling a prophesy and exercising some righteous (and very justified) anger.  It’s important to note that even in anger, Jesus didn’t sin.  I don’t know about you, but in my life, that would be a miracle in and of itself (just say’n).

Back to the parallel of these two encounters.  In both of the stories that you’re going to read today in John, you’re going to see how Jesus displays incredible passion for life, for people, for ministry, and for worship.  What’s more is that Jesus is in the details.  These are important characteristics to know as you explore your faith because I think it’s important to note that God is a God who is both passionate for His people (you and me) and that He’s in the details of our lives.  That’s HUGE!

Often the details in life can get overlooked.  It would have been easy for Jesus to shrug off the wedding-party wine problem.  The fact is that Jesus recognized what a predicament the bride’s family was faced with. To run out of wine was a big party-foul. This would have brought both embarrassment and shame to the bride and her family. So what does Jesus do? He takes some jars designed for ceremonial washing of a person’s hands (cleaning the dirt off both physically and metaphorically speaking), and changes that nasty water into the finest of wines. Boom! That’s both passion and attention to details.

From there we then find Jesus going into the temple, a place where people were supposed to receive help from God, yet they were making money from selling overpriced animals to use in sacrifices. You might be saying, “What does that have to do with me?”.


Jesus, through those two actions, was literally saying,

“Following me is not about washing your hands or giving sacrifices. It’s about a NEW WAY. You think that washing your hands from these jars and buying animals to sacrifice makes everything good, but it doesn’t. It’s about ME living in YOU and helping YOU live a new life. It’s about a life of passion and a new way of living, even in the details.”

You can go to church, sing songs, give money and read the Bible all you want, but it won’t make a lick of difference unless you let Jesus lead you in a NEW WAY. Jesus wants to make you NEW. There is a significant difference between knowing about God and having a right relationship with Jesus, which is what leads to us living out of our new lives. This understanding will come from paying attention to the DETAILS of Jesus in your life and living out your new life with PASSION.

As you read today, here are some questions to be processing:


1. In thinking about Jesus in the details, what area(s) do you need to surrender the details to him? 2. What are some specific areas in my life that I know He still needs to work on? 3. How can you live out your faith in life with a Jesus-like passion? 4. What questions do I have?


Jesus, thank you for caring about the details and for demonstrating passion in life and ministry. I pray that you will continue to walk with me through my faith journey and lead me to fully surrender the details of my life to you.

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