Day 8 – Keep IT up!

Scripture: John 8

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have just finished up with the first week of our 21 Day Challenge. Great job! This is a marathon, not a sprint. Learning and growing in our faith takes both intentionality and commitment. We have to be willing to step up to the challenge. You’ve done that. Keep it up!

With regards to today’s reading, Jesus is having a conversation with his disciples and many others including religious leaders and those that know portions of Scripture, but don’t know God. They’ve studied, but have not applied what they’ve learned. These are men that were caught up in religious traditions; men that had been coached by culture and this is what they were clinging to. They couldn’t or WOULDN’T take the time to sincerely understand the teaching of Jesus.

In verses 31-32 it says, “Jesus said to the people who believed in Him, ‘You are truly my disciples (followers) IF you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Being a follower of Jesus means that I’m ACTUALLY and ACTIVELY following Him. If I cease to believe in Him, trust Him, obey Him, or follow Him, can I really call myself a “follower of Christ”? As Jesus put it: “You are my disciples IF you remain faithful to my teachings.” Does this mean that I’m doomed for all eternity if I disobey Him? NO! However, it does mean that I had better be serious about getting back on track and following Him. If I continue to resist Jesus, I’ll be in danger of willingly forfeiting my relationship with Him, just like the people in this passage.

Being a Christian doesn’t come down to that one moment in time when I asked Jesus into my heart. Being a Christian is a 24-7 gig. If I want to truly be a disciple of Jesus, I don’t stop!

“Man this sounds hard!”

It is if it were my own effort. Yet Jesus says that if we’ll follow His teaching, the Truth (HIS truth), will set us free. Jesus and His Word will set us free to continue being the follower He created us to be.

One week down.


As you read John 8, ask yourself these questions…


1. What things have come up this last week that have created a temptation for me to stop in my spiritual journey? 2. What has been the biggest surprise for me as I come out of my first week of this 21 Day Challenge? 3. What has been the hardest about this journey? 4. What questions do I have?


Wow, God! As I head out of the first week and into the second of this 21 Day Challenge, my prayer is that you will continue to reveal Yourself to me: teach me what I must know and show me the truth of Your Word and Your character in my life. Give me the strength that I’ll need this week to keep going in my faith journey. Remind me often to keep going and not stop.

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