Day 4 – Thirsty?

Scripture: John 4

As you read today you’re going to find an encounter that Jesus has with a woman from a village in the region of Samaria. At first glance it seems like a pretty ordinary exchange: Jesus gets thirsty; Jesus stops for water; a woman comes to draw water from the well; Jesus asks the woman for water; a conversation breaks out. Look a little closer and you’ll gain a totally different perspective. So…let’s look a little closer for a minute.


Jesus asking for water is a reasonable request. Most people lose sight of the fact that Jesus, though God, was God in human form and experienced the same physical needs as you and me. You’ve got to think that Jesus was tired and hot (it was just after noon when he went to the well), having walked every where he went. A nice cold drink would have been totally perfect on a hot afternoon and asking a woman that was there with the tools to draw the water with, that seems completely reasonable as well, right?!

Here’s the thing. According to cultural norms, there were several things wrong with this picture. For starters, Jesus (of Jewish decent), would have had no business in Samaria. After all, Jews are God’s chosen and religious elite. Samaritans were considered impure; a cross-breed people group that were seen as far from God. That’s just the beginning. A man talking to a woman at a well like this was completely taboo as well.

Jesus’ approach in life and ministry was completely countercultural. The encounter that he has with this Samaritan woman changes the trajectory of not only her life, but of the community around her.

What does this have to do with the heading (water)?

I’m glad you asked!

Jesus introduces the incredible imagery of a person’s absolute need for life-sustaining water being filled, and not from a physical water, but the quenching that comes only from the living water. What Jesus is really talking about is cheap imitations that take the place of our greatest need for life both this side of heaven and beyond.

Like water, so many of us go to the wells of this world to quench our the thirst of our desires. These wells are full of cheap imitations, things like alcohol and other chemical substances, pornography, money and possessions, one broken relationship to the next, and more. Each well of this world will leave us lacking and longing for more. In other words, our thirst will never be quenched, which usually leaves us moving on to another well looking for more.

When we experience the fullness that comes through knowing Jesus Christ, this relationship is complete and lasting. We won’t need to look elsewhere. We are given all that we’ll ever need in and through our relationship with Him.

No more cheap imitations. No more looking. No more longing for more.

It’s awesome!

As you read through John 4, ask yourself these questions…


1. What wells have I gone to in hopes of quenching my desires? 2. What cheap imitations do I currently struggle with that leave me empty and looking for more? 3. If a relationship with Jesus really could quench my desires, what’s keeping me from going to Him? 4. What questions do I have?


Jesus, I have gone to the wrong wells of this world to quench my thirst and desires. They’ve left me empty and longing for more. Please continue to give me the strength that I am going to need to leave these old broken wells behind and the passion to pursue a relationship with you.

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