Day 20 – Believe

Scripture: John 20

Today marks the second to the last day of our 21 Day Challenge. I hope that you have become more informed, more inspired, more committed in your faith journey, and more challenged in your understanding and relationship with Jesus. Today’s reading is also maybe, just maybe, my most favorite passage of Scripture from the gospels.

In our time of reading today, we become more familiar with one of Jesus’ disciples; Thomas, or as they called him, “Twin”. Thomas has is also known throughout most Christian circles as “doubting Thomas”, for his disbelief and line of questioning in his encounter with Christ while Jesus is visiting with the disciples. Everything hinges on what we read today.

EVERYTHING! At the core of sin is unbelief. This is the danger for all of us and it is what will continue to keep your heart aligned. What is it?

To believe in Christ!

Adam and Eve ate the fruit because they didn’t BELIEVE that God meant what He said. Peter denied Jesus because he didn’t BELIEVE that His Lord was bigger than being arrested or killed. And in Revelation, people are not allowed into Heaven because they did not BELIEVE. From the beginning, through the middle, and right down to the end, the Bible, in its most simplistic form, is about those who believed and those who didn’t. It’s a story of belief in an unbelieving world that is still being written to this very day.

In today’s reading,  John says, “I’ve written these things so that you may continue to believe…and by believing in Him you will have life by the power of His name.” Your life is hinged on your belief, and notice John said, “continue to believe”. If your heart is to REMAIN ALIGNED (from Day 16’s reading – John 16), and if your spirit is to be alive, you must BELIEVE! If your actions and attitudes are to continue to reflect more and more those of Jesus’, you must BELIEVE!

This is one of the greatest reasons why we must remember (from yesterday’s reading – John 19) what Jesus did. That’s why when we mess up, we need to believe that it’s not over; It’s why we must trust that regardless of what is happening around us, the Holy Spirit is in control and can give us peace. It’s also why we need to look out for the interests of others and get dirty through serving (from Day 13’s reading – John 13). I could go on and on through every day from the book of John, all 21 chapters, and say “It’s why we must BELIEVE!” This is the zenith!!!

If there is any way the devil will try to trip you up, this is it. He’s not typically going to come straight at you with some sin to act out on. He will try to go after your belief. And it’s more than just your believing IN Jesus. It’s a matter of “will you believe Him? Will you believe what He said and follow it?”

Hmm, now we’re getting somewhere. I can almost hear you now…”I’ve decided to follow Jesus…so where is He going? I don’t know, but in order for me to get there, I must BELIEVE!” Like a heart-broken father once said in the Scripture: “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief.” BELIEVE!

As you read John 20, ask yourself these questions…


1. Is there anything keeping me from fully believing? 2. How can I make sure that I’m acting in and through belief? 3. What is one step that I can take to practice my belief in Jesus today? 4. What questions do I have?


Lord, I pray in the same way that the broken father in Scripture prayed: “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief”! I don’t want ANYTHING to stand in my way of serving, loving, and honoring YOU! Please reveal to me any area of my life that I may not be acting in belief. Thank you for giving me the ability to believe. Amen.

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