Day 19 – Remember?

Scripture: John 19

The father of 6 children, I can only imagine there will come a time in their lives when they are all sitting around a table together, with their spouses and children of their own; a time when I may be nothing more than a distant memory. It’s in this moment that I can almost hear my kids now…”Do you remember when dad used to get us with the ‘tickle monster’?” or “Do you remember how dad would give us the biggest underdogs?”. Hopefully my kiddos will look back on me and their life with me with fond memories. It’s my hope that they will always remember.

I think in our Christian journey we need those “remember when” moments. You’re 19 days into your faith journey. It’s likely that the readings up and to this point are still fresh in your mind, and that’s good. Hopefully they’re both challenging and growing you as an individual and in your faith. But there will come a time when this journey may be a bit of a distant memory. It’s in these moments; these times when growing in your faith seems distant, that I want you to “remember when”.

If you ever think God is not looking out for your own good – In those moments when you wonder if God really cares or knows what you are going through; when you think He couldn’t possibly love you through your mistakes…remember. Remember John 19. Remember what He did for you through His Son, Jesus Christ. Remember this moment in time; this moment when you both associate and realize that even if YOU were the ONLY one far from God, Jesus STILL would have given His life for you, because He loves you and YOU MATTER!

You will face moments in your life where you will question your faith. You will question God’s faith in you. You will question whether or not Jesus actually still wants you. It is in these moments that you MUST remember.

It’s day 19. You have a long way to go.

Will you remember?

Just like family moments or moments with friends, remembering strengthens your bond. You’ll need those moments with Jesus too – Remembering when you accepted Him, remembering what He did for you, and remembering that, “While you were a sinner He died for you”, will only strengthen your bond. It helps keep your heart aligned. The devil will always try to remind you of the times that you failed. It is in those times that you must…


As you read John 19, ask yourself these questions…


1. What area(s) of your can it be hard to remember what Jesus did for you? 2. What’s one thing that you can do today to intentionally remember? 3. Is there anything that is keeping you from remembering and rejoicing? 4. What questions do I have?


Jesus, help me to never forget, but to always remember that I matter to you; that you gave up your life for me. When things get hard and I start to question and doubt, remind me that You love me and help me to always remember. Amen.

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