Day 16 – Alignment

Scripture: John 16

We’re kicking off the last of our 3 weeks together and the next 6 days are really going to hinge on today’s reading and thoughts. It’s going to be both exciting and challenging. I’m fix’n a get theological on ya! (best southern accent you can imagine)

When we become Christians we receive ALL of the Holy Spirit. A problem still exists though; I think a problem still remains in us. There is a follow up question that you need to ask immediately and the days following your decision to become a Christian, which is: “Does the Holy Spirit have ALL of me?” When we come to Jesus to be saved, we are coming as a rebel to a ruler. We are coming as one(s) consumed in our sin and find ourselves pleading for mercy and relief of that burden. I think we quickly find that not long after being “born again”, we realize some things still haven’t been dealt with; there are things that still need addressing and need to be changed.

For instance, pride rises and we try to be in charge rather than surrendering control to God. Bitterness takes root. Attitudes turn sour. We grumble against God. We’re self-seeking. Our temper is out of control. We have frequent failures. We believe in Jesus, BUT we’re not living as we should. It’s almost like walking with a foot dragging behind us.

What you’ll notice is these things have always happened, but now you’re deeply bothered by them. You might find yourself asking: “Why can’t I overcome these things?”The answer? It’s an issue of surrender. Just as the day in which you surrendered your sins to Jesus, so now you need to surrender your ALL to the Holy Spirit. This time instead of a rebel to a ruler, you’re a loyal soldier ASKING for orders.

I can almost hear you now…

“Wait! How does that fix anything?”

I’m glad you asked!

It gets fixed through the FILLING and DWELLING of the Holy Spirit; the existence of God in human heads and hearts. You see, the problem is that we find ourselves saying, “I’ve had ALL of Him, but I need to give Him ALL of me!”

In our Scripture today Jesus says, “Righteousness is available because I go to the Father.” Being filled with the Holy Spirit (righteous) is literally a prayer away.

Let me break it down this way for you…

It’s a lot like getting the alignment on your car fixed. While you can keep the car on the road prior to the problem being corrected, it’s a constant struggle. The car seems to always be heading toward the ditch. Once the alignment is fixed it stays on the road. We still have to steer and we could still choose to force the car in the ditch. That said, what we aren’t doing is always fighting the natural inclination of the car trying to get there.

We need the alignment of our hearts fixed. Our hearts are bent toward sin and ONLY being filled with the Holy Spirit can bend them back toward God.

We need proper alignment.

As you read John 16, ask yourself these questions…


1. Is my life aligned with God? 2. What area(s) do I feel my life pulling me back toward the ditch? 3. Who can I go to for accountability and help with getting things aligned? 4. What questions do I have?


Lord, I recognize that my life seems to be lacking alignment from time to time. While my heart wants to fully surrender and allow You to lead me in every way, my head and habits keep pulling back toward the ditch. I pray that You will give me the strength that I need to live the life that You’re calling me to today. Amen.

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