Day 12 – Evang-a-what?!

Scripture: John 12

There’s a word that most people in christian circles or the church have heard, but maybe aren’t necessarily familiar with. We hear it but I don’t think we understand it. What is it that word?


When we hear the word “evangelism”, some idea(s) or image(s) are immediately conjured up in our minds. Perhaps for you it’s the guy on the street corner shouting through a bullhorn. Instead, maybe it’s the little pamphlet that someone leaves in the gym lockers which asks the question “Where would you go if you died in a horrific building fire right this minute?” Growing up this word drummed up images of going door-to-door and talking to people about faith and Jesus. This form of evangelism is still widely practiced by several religious groups today. These examples are some variations of evangelism, but there’s more…

So if these are forms or variations of evangelism, what is the BIG picture here? How does it work?

I don’t know if we can nail it down to one thing, but I do know this…it should be natural. We shouldn’t have to force ourselves to evangelize. I mean, if I love a new restaurant, I’m going to tell people about it. When I go and experience a great movie, I naturally begin talking about it. It comes very natural for me to talk about my favorite sports teams (GO DUCKS!). And don’t get me started on my church or my family…I can talk about them all day long. The point is that evangelism in whatever form should be organic and feel a part of who we are, not simply something that we HAVE to do.

In today’s challenge reading from John 11, it says that the reason so many people came out to meet Jesus was because others were talking about what Jesus did raising Lazarus from the dead. Now I can imagine what you’re thinking: “If I saw a dead man raised to life, I’d tell everyone!!!” In reality, you and I have the opportunity to experience something even greater first-hand. “What’s that?”, you ask. I think the mere fact that Jesus DIED for you and for me so that we might LIVE, this is an incredible miracle that bears tremendous significance; an opportunity to experience life and life to the fullest. This is us (IN JESUS) breaking free from the power of sin in our lives. This is us (IN JESUS) experiencing eternal life, far beyond anything this world has to offer. This is us (IN JESUS) becoming new creations – the old gone; the new now. This is YOUR story, and it’s a story with sharing!

Evangelism is all about you naturally sharing what God has done in your life. It’s simply being excited about your journey of faith and experiencing life as a Christian. We don’t have to force it on someone; in fact, we shouldn’t! There’s no need to bring it up at inopportune times.Don’t be obnoxious. That said, definitely don’t be afraid of it.  Simply be intentional in looking for God to open up opportunities for you to share what you’ve experienced in your life and faith and when you do.

Evangelism doesn’t have to be difficult. If you live your life for the glory of God, He will open doors for you to share your faith. The Bible tells us to “always be ready to share the hope that we have”. If we live for Jesus, people will take notice and express interest.

As you read John 12, ask yourself these questions…


1. What are some ways that I can naturally share my faith with folks? 2. What’s the hardest part about sharing my faith? 3. Who is one person that I can share my faith with today? 4. What questions do I have?


Lord, help me to live my life in such a way that people will ask me about the hope that I have IN YOU, and when they do ask, I pray that You would give me the words to say so I can share my faith with them. Thank you for the people in my life that were willing to share with me. Amen.

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