Day 11 – Wrong Question

Scripture: John 11

Have you ever thought about forever? Forever is a long time. Isn’t it hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for eleven days now, and we haven’t once mentioned heaven, forever, or eternity?

The afterlife is a hotly contested subject. Is there actually a heaven and a hell, and do people really go there? If so, who goes where? If I died tonight, where would I go? These are a sampling of questions that come up when you begin talking about eternity.

As you read today, Jesus addresses eternity. One of his closest friends, Lazarus, dies of an apparent illness. The climax of the story is when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead after being in the grave for four days. The zenith of the story is found in something Jesus says and not necessarily in the miraculous act of raising Lazarus from the dead (as impressive as that must have been to watch and be a part of). You see Jesus wasn’t focused on the physical DEATH of one man, but the spiritual LIFE of us all!

Verse 25 says, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who LIVES in me and BELIEVES in me will never ever die.”

Is there a heaven and hell?


Do people actually go there?


Jesus and all of Scripture speak of an actual place called heaven and an actual place called hell. Those who believe in Jesus and have a right-relationship with him go to heaven and those who don’t…well, you get the picture. The question we have to struggle with is why are we always focused on what happens after we die when we have so much time to live today?

In the church world we’ve become famous for asking the question: “Where would you go if you died tonight?”.  I think we’ve been asking the wrong question. I think we should be asking, “Where COULD you go, and what COULD you do if you LIVED for Jesus today?” Even Jesus said, “Everyone who LIVES in me will never die”. So If I just focus on living, I don’t have to worry about dying or fear death itself.

I think that we’ve been asking the wrong question…

Choose to live today!

As you read John 11, ask yourself these questions…


1. In what area(s) have I not experienced life because I was too worried about death? 2. What does LIFE look like as a Christian (what makes living different)? 3. What’s one thing that I can do to live more fully today? 4. What questions do I have?


Lord, thank you for making a way for all of eternity for me. Thank you that in You I get to experience eternal life in heaven. Help me to LIVE for you as you live in and through me this side of heaven; to live this life that you’ve given me to the fullest measure. Amen!

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