Day 10 – Satisfied?

Scripture: John 10

“All of life comes down to just one thing. That’s to know You, oh Jesus, and to make You known.” (Charlie Hall – One Thing)

The reading and reflection for today is one of my favorites in the entire Bible. One verse in chapter 10 stands out to me from the rest and is the focus for us today. It is the core of my preaching as a pastor and resonates with me every time I read it. It says, “The devils’ purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

Rich and satisfying. We like the sound of that don’t we? Who doesn’t want to have a rich and satisfying life? Here is the catch though. Jesus’ idea of being rich and satisfied is NOTHING like what our culture describes. The devil wants to make sure he steals our life. Jesus wants to give us abundant life. Rich… and satisfying!

So how do we get it?

The life Jesus offers is only satisfying when not lived for one’s self. When we GIVE instead of TAKE. Remember yesterday? You and I are here on this planet, not for us, but for Jesus and for others. Jesus said, “If you want to be first then you must be last.” “If you want to be the greatest then become the servant to all.” It sure seems like He’s talking in circles doesn’t it?

So what is he saying?

This whole thing called LIFE isn’t about you! This journey isn’t about me!! Nope. It’s when I begin to put Jesus and others ahead of myself that I REALLY begin to experience life. This flies in the face of our pride. This flies in the face of our culture. And that’s exactly what Jesus is trying to expose.


There’s a place in the Bible (Philippians 2), which tells us that our attitude should be like that of Jesus’ who, “was in very nature God but didn’t consider equality with God as something to pursue, but rather He made himself nothing. Becoming a servant.”

The devil says, “Live for yourself. Don’t think of others. Make sure to do what you want.” When we live that way, we’re actually helping Him steal our life. Jesus says, “Live for me and for other people and you’ll get what you’re looking for”. Satisfaction. (Totally have the song in my head…“I can’t get nooooo, sat-is-faction…)

The truth is anything and everything that we try to fill our lives with to bring us satisfaction; the things of this world…they’re nothing more than cheap imitations and will ALWAYS leave us empty and looking for more. The only experience of satisfaction in truest form comes in and through faith in Jesus. That’s it! So the goal has to be to die to self in order to live in Christ, or rather, that Christ might live in and through you and me.

As you read John 10, ask yourself these questions…


1. In what ways have I looked for satisfaction in the past? 2. What is one thing that I can do to live for Jesus today? 3. What is something that I will do to for someone today? 4. What questions do I have?


Jesus, thank you for modeling for me the example I am to follow. Please help me to put others frst and to carry the attitude that you had. I don’t want to live for myself. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Help me to live for you and for others! Amen.

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