COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
As a leadership team, we want to take a minute and address how we are responding to the coronavirus concerns. We are carefully monitoring the developments and will do our part to respond in kind. It is our top priority as a church to do all that we can to protect and care for our church and the greater Washington County community. 
While this is a very fluid situation, we will continue to do all that we can as a church to work with local, state and national officials in remaining informed, educated and in readiness to respond. We will keep everyone informed of any actions we take or changes that may be made as a church where our programming and operations as a church are concerned in the days ahead. In the meantime, here are a few up-to-date announcements that we want to share with you. And as always, please feel free to contact our offices at any time with questions you may have.


Will we still host this year's StepUp! Men's Conference?
We have been working hard and getting very excited, bathing our men's conference in prayer. However, given the fact that we have men from several states planning to attend the conference and given the travel precautions, we have made the necessary yet difficult decision to cancel this year's event. A full refund will be given to everyone that has pre-registered for the event. Our team is looking at other possibilities for later in 2020 and will keep you informed if we make any decisions to host a conference in the future.

Will CBC have services this weekend?
At this time we are looking forward to our 3 Sunday services. Our chapel service is at 8:00AM, and our Celebration Services are at 9:15AM and 11:00AM. Should you make the decision to stay home, we have a fantastic online community where we live stream our services at both 9:15AM and 11:00AM. To watch online, simply go to and select the "WATCH LIVE" button on our homepage. For your convenience, we also encourage everyone to subscribe to our YouTube channel (here), which gives you up-to-date notification when we are live as well as the opportunity to view our message archives. Be sure to hit "Subscribe" from our YouTube homepage to join our online community.

What about midweek programs?
As things continue to evolve, our leadership will work with the information that is available to us to determine best practice for each gathering. Our current policy has been to keep to the Blair School District calendar; when they have school we meet and when they are closed, we, too, close. We will work closely as a leadership with our local government and school officials in making the most prudent decisions on each of our midweek programs. That being said, we are planning to continue all midweek activities as currently scheduled. Again, please feel free to contact our offices for any questions that you might have. 

What is CBC doing to prevent illness on our campus?
We have an amazing facilities crew that does a wonderful job week-in and week-out of keeping our facilities clean and ready for use. Under these current circumstances, we are committed to doing even more in being vigilant and helping prevent the spread of all illnesses. This includes additional hand sanitizing stations that have been installed and placed throughout our facilities as well as more frequent cleaning of all hard surfaces, doorknobs and door handles, light switches, children's toys, electronics, kitchen and restroom facilities and more. We are also encouraging anyone that may be sick to stay home and worship with us through our Online Community. What's more is we will follow our typical health protocols, not admitting any child with a temperature (considered 99.6 F and above) into CBC Kid's Ministry. A child must be fever-free for 24 hours prior to participating in CBC Kid's. You can help us by closely monitoring your child(ren) for any symptoms and signs of illness as well as being patient with us and understanding if we feel we cannot accept your kids into CBC Kid's due to health concerns. 

How can I help; what precautions can I take while at CBC?
We are encouraging everyone to strongly consider the recommendations that are coming from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and other health organizations, which include:

  • Stay home if you're feeling sick

  • Thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water for no less than 20 seconds

  • When soap is not available, be sure to use hand sanitizer that has 60% alcohol content or greater

  • Refrain from touching your eyes, nose, and your mouth

  • Cover your mouth with a napkin or handkerchief if you have to sneeze or cough; don't sneeze or cough into your hand AND wash your hands immediately after 

  • Avoid close contact (hugs, handshakes, etc.) with people who may be sick



Should I come to church if I'm feeling sick?
We are urging anyone that may be feeling sick or showing signs of illness (fever, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc.), to stay home and away from any group gatherings. We would also encourage you to let someone in the church know that you're not feeling well, which will allow us to help care for you in any way that we are able and without unnecessarily exposing others to potential illness. We want to especially encourage you, if you are elderly or have a compromised immune system, in light of the inherent risks that run with COVID-19, please stay home and minimize all social interactions while still staying connected to your church family through other means. Again, we would encourage anyone that is unable to or uncomfortable with the risk to join our Online Community and worship with us virtually. 

How can I respond to this crisis in my community?
A lot of people are talking with our leadership about how we should respond individually to this crisis and we love this question and conversation. In fact, we believe that this conversation is critical to the 'C'hurch. While there are certain steps that we can and should take to help educate and protect against the possibilities of spreading illnesses like COVID-19, we must also understand that we get to be the church in our community, which goes so much further than any bricks and mortar. Spiritually speaking, the coronavirus is another glaring reminder of the kind of fallen world that we live in and its effects are far-reaching. Yet rather than living in fear, we are called to demonstrate compassion and share the most compelling message the world will ever know, the gospel. What is the gospel? It's the Good News of Jesus Christ's life, ministry, sacrificial death, resurrection, and the promise of his second coming! In Christ we have perfect love. In Christ, perfect love casts out all fear. Rather than living in fear, we are called to love people to Jesus. Not only should we share the amazing love of Jesus with others, there are several other ways that we can respond to this crisis in our community including:


  • Pray - pray for God's sovereign hand of hope and healing 

  • Trust - trust Jesus as Lord of your life and live fully-surrendered to Him

  • Care - look for ways to care for those in need in our community and beyond

  • Connect - stay connected to your church family; even if you're unable to be at our campus, don't miss your opportunity to join our Online Community and virtually connect with others from CBC (email, social media, text message, FaceTime, etc.)

  • Give - continue to faithfully give your tithes and offerings to the ministry of CBC as we look for every opportunity to actively and intentionally serve our communities through the amazing ministries of our church (learn how to GIVE here)

  • Invite - invite others to participate in what God continues to do in and through CBC by joining us at our campus at one of our Celebration Services or through participating with us and our Online Community


In closing, as a leadership team, we want to invite you to stand with us in prayer, as we trust God through this difficult time. While we may not know what the future holds, we trust in our God who holds the future! Let's pray for our nation's leaders and for the countless healthcare professionals and leaders that selflessly and tirelessly work to make our world a better, healthier place to live. And more than anything, let's pray that in and through all of this, that people will encounter Jesus, that they will entrust their lives to Him and that through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, their lives will be changed forever!
- CBC Leadership Team

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